What are GCA’s admission requirements?
We admit students who agree to abide by our attendance, conduct, academics, and financial requirements, provided we can meet the student’s needs and the family supports our mission. We meet with all new families as part of the admissions process and examine the student’s prior grades, attendance records, test scores, and other information.

Is financial aid available?
GCA intends to provide financial aid to students with genuine need, as long as funds are available for this purpose. Needs will be determined independently by FACTS, our school tuition management service.

Does GCA offer a lunch program?
Students always have the option of bringing their lunches, which can be refrigerated and heated (microwave) as needed. Presently, GCA consistently orders from Chick-Fil-A twice a month, and we continue to explore partnerships with local restaurants.

When is the deadline to apply for admission?
Because GCA uses a rolling admissions process, there is no deadline to apply as long as space is available. Please check the admissions page for additional up-to-date information. (link to page)

How can parents be involved at GCA?
GCA desires to provide avenues for parents to be involved in many ways, including volunteer opportunities, fellowship functions, and fundraising for school needs.

What curriculum does GCA use?
GCA’s curriculum supports its mission, aligns with Kentucky’s academic standards, incorporates biblical principles, and utilizes textbooks and materials from both secular and Christian publishers. In addition to traditional courses, GCA is expanding its courses to include dual-credit through OCTC. Dual-credit opportunities will expand when GCA students are juniors and seniors to include other local universities as well. GCA is also exploring advanced placement (AP) classes, mentorships, internships, and other innovative learning strategies.

Is GCA affiliated with a church or denomination?
GCA is independent of and is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. Yellow Creek Baptist Church has graciously provided us classroom space to utilize until we complete our building campaign and move to a permanent location. GCA is unapologetically evangelical. Our Statement of Faith provides details of the Christian convictions that we deem fundamental and essential.

How much “religion” is taught at GCA?
The Bible is at the heart of everything we do, and our entire curriculum will be taught from a biblical perspective. Every student will study the Bible as an academic core component, and all subjects are taught from a biblical worldview. Students will have opportunities to memorize Scripture, attend chapel, participate in service projects, etc. which will foster a greater grasp and appreciation for God’s Word.

What sports will GCA offer?
GCA is aware of the value of athletic activities and the benefits that they provide for students. GCA currently has a volleyball team, cross-country, and a pickleball club. We plan to add a boys’ basketball team in the next year or two. GCA also hopes to provide athletic opportunities in tennis, track, archery, cheerleading, and more.

What other extra-curricular activities are offered?
Already GCA the following activities:

  • Cross-country
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • Art Club
  • Student Council
  • Band
  • Photography
  • Student Ambassadors

The GCA administration listens to student voices and wants to grow extracurricular opportunities based on student interests.

Who makes policy decisions for GCA?
GCA is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. A board of directors, consisting of parents of students, professionals, and other leaders, governs the school. Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the Head of School.

What if I need further information?
Contact us or give us a call at 270-574-9974. We welcome the opportunity to give you a tour, answer questions, and discuss the “GCA difference.”